Shopping local makes a difference

Vanessa Salpoek, the owner of MARKET Calgary and recent finalist in the 2015 BDC Young Entrepreneur competition, is a born and raised Calgarian. What MARKET Calgary does significantly different from competing local favourites is they take pride in making all menu items from scratch, in-house. Yes, everything – down to the syrup! Her native Calgarian roots and family’s teachings have created the value she places on sustainable culinary practices and support for the local community. As a direct result of her nurture, Vanessa was nominated for her display of entrepreneurial energy.

A city bursting with energy, Vanessa has troubles sticking to just one thing to tell others about Calgary and instead lists her favourites: the epic culinary scene, beautiful scenery, the fact that Banff is our neighbour, the people energy, and the culture. Life in Calgary suits those with an active lifestyle and for Vanessa, it’s golfing in the summer, skiing in the winter and treating Fish Creek Provincial Park as her own backyard. Vanessa shares the secret recipe to MARKET’s success and that is to let passion shine through and to truly build authentic relationships with guests beyond traditional hospitality. Everyone is treated as a VIP at MARKET – go see for yourself!

Do you have any tips for building your Calgary community?

It’s really important to invest in small businesses by putting money where it should be spent – investing back into the community. Choosing local markets over grocery stores makes all the difference.

What's your favourite thing about Calgary?

I love Calgary – the people are amazing, there’s so many opportunities for people here and of course, the culinary scene is “unbelievably awesome”. There’s an element of park life in the middle of downtown but we still have the tall buildings to make up Calgary’s skyline. With a wide array of arts and culture, there’s always things to do in Calgary.

What surprised you the most about the city?

People always band together to support the community during hardships. Calgary has a tight knit community and home-y atmosphere.

How has being a young entrepreneur influenced your overall lifestyle?

It’s been great! Of course it’s been hard work but I’ve had a lot of support from the Calgary community. I have the tendency to always want more and need to learn to dial back and enjoy the moment.

Can you tell us what we should expect to see from MARKET Calgary in the next year?

We’ll be creating more great food! Ultimately, the next step is to establish a retail storefront by expanding offerings to accommodate the demand for those wanting to buy homemade products. We’re committed to always wanting be better and to really be put on the map as a must-see restaurant in Calgary.


Everyone is treated like a VIP at MARKET Calgary!

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