Risk-taker? Calgary is for you!

Jeremy Sturgess, Principal of Sturgess Architecture, relocated to Calgary at the age of fourteen with his family in 1964. Sturgess Architecture is one of Canada’s leading architecture and design firms best known for its innovative designs including The Bow Tower and The Glacier Skywalk in the Calgary region. 

With a passion for big city life, Jeremy has also lived in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, but has chosen to return to be part of the Calgary energy. Living within a Southwest Calgary community, Jeremy enjoys the proximity to the downtown core where, for his viewing pleasure, he has a clear view of the city’s skyline. With a city full of entrepreneurial energy, Jeremy, a successful entrepreneur himself, notes that there is a risk-taking nature embedded in most Calgarians, providing an equal opportunity to make it.

With the desire to live an active lifestyle, activities such as tennis, skiing, and restaurant hopping are abundant in Calgary and have been greatly incorporated into Jeremy’s daily routine. Enjoying Calgary’s natural landscape down by the river is one of Jeremy’s favourite past times.

Q&A Session

Do you have any tips for building your Calgary community?

Appeal to the risk taker. Build ‘out of the box’.

What do you tell people in other cities about Calgary?

About the extraordinary opportunities.

Where do you take friends and family when they visit?

The Peace Bridge, Riverwalk, and the Esker Foundation.

What surprised you about Calgary’s culture?

The diversity and approachability, including the quality of the arts groups such as Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Alberta Ballet, and Calgary Opera.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Calgary?

Cassis Bistro.

Appeal to the Risk Taker - Build outside the box!

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