My Cycle Track Journey

Author: Kate Bowering

No matter how strong and invigorating that first sip of morning coffee may be, nothing can start your day quite like those first moments of freedom you feel as you peddle your bike through the crisp morning air.

Regardless of whether it’s a perfect morning with a sunrise filled of orange, yellow and red hues, or a less-than-perfect overcast grey sky -- the same feelings are easily achieved when you join a group of roadies waiting for a light to turn green and are greeted with friendly, smiling faces. All from strangers, all enjoying the same cyclist vibe.

This new sense of community is one of the many reasons why I love Calgary’s new cycle track. When was the last time you were in your car waiting at a light and even bothered to look at the car next to you, let alone acknowledge the driver with a smile?

Riding my steed to and from work costs nothing and it provides many health benefits. Not only do I get 30 minutes of cardio work in before I’ve thought about how to fit a gym session into my day, but I also have the luxury of starting the day with little to no stress that’s associated with being stuck in congested traffic. After the day is done, I get another 30 minutes of cardio work and I can decompress, re-set and leave the work day behind, or on the track. I arrive home totally disconnected and ready to enjoy my evening and focus my energy on my family – it’s like a meditation session on wheels.

As with all change, there will be a transition period for the new cycle track and it will likely not be without some challenges. However, if we can be patient and ride out the transition, then we can all be proud of what this new movement will do for Calgary to put us in the same league as other global cities.

Click here for more information on the Cycle Track and routes.

Community energy is one of the many reasons why I love Calgary's cycle track!

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