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Jessica Marsh is a well-acquainted individual in the Alberta music community who has worked independently in various industry roles.

Jessica is a graduate of MacEwan's Music Program and Arts & Cultural Management Program and recognizes the needs that musicians around her face. She started her professional career with the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival in 2009, which led her to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival the following summer, and then to the Alberta Music in 2011.

Jessica recently moved to Calgary to work for the new National Music Centre, where she brings a dynamic element to her work through her support for other musicians and her eagerness to dive in and lend a hand wherever needed – on or off the stage.

What inspired you to take over the lifeincalgary Instagram account?

I’m always up for highlighting the arts community and the live music culture in Calgary and think I have a unique perspective between being a musician, a community member and having a career in the music industry

Where are you from and what attracted you to Calgary?

I moved from Edmonton in May 2015. I kept visiting Calgary and not wanting to leave. I love the music community here and really wanted to be a part of the excitement around Studio Bell and the newly designed National Music Centre. I now get to work above the historic King Eddy and I’m surrounded by community builders. It was perfect timing for taking part in “the year of music” and all the excitement and events that are taking place in 2016.

What do you do in your spare time?

I play music in a few different bands and work at Village Brewery. I have enjoyed exploring the food scene and the outdoor adventures that are so easily accessible from here.

Where is your favorite place to eat or visit in Calgary?

The Ship and Anchor for drinks and live music, Scopa for Italian food, Calypso’s Taverna for Greek, Boogie’s for burgers and fries, Open Range for steak. There is no shortage of good food.

Any tips or advice for Calgary newcomers or those considering a move to Calgary?

It’s the best of all the worlds. Outdoor adventures, so much culture, amazing food, and an even better community.

What do you tell your friends and family from other cities about life in Calgary?

I can do all of my passions here.

Where do you take friends and family when they visit?

A walk around the Glenmore Reservoir, day hikes in the mountains, a Village Brewery tour, some live music at any of our world-class venues, and most definitely a tour of Studio Bell in the National Music Centre!

What do you think is the biggest surprise about Calgary for anyone who isn’t familiar with the city?

There is a rich and diverse music culture here and bands can certainly “make it here” with a strong support system. Music tourism has proven to have a strong economic impact and I think we are starting to realize this and take advantage of this resource.

How has the city influenced who you are?

It has been really fun getting to know the music community here and I think it’s given me a broader understanding of the needs Albertan musicians face. I’m fortunate to be able to be a part of this amazing community through my work at Alberta Music.


**All photos were taken by Jessica during her take over of @lifeincalgary

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It’s the best of all the worlds. Outdoor adventures, so much culture, amazing food, and an even better community.

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