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As a full-time artist, Ellen Doty has found Calgary to be a very supportive community for a career in the arts. She has built herself a community of local artists, musicians and creatives over her eight years living in the city and has gained an interesting perpective on living in Calgary!  

Where do you take friends and family when they visit?

I like to take visitors for a beautiful walk along the river, and then over to the Simmon’s Building for a cup of coffee, or great meal at Charbar or Sidewalk Citizen. I also enjoy taking visitors to National Music Centre to see the museum, or to one of the galleries such as Esker or Contemporary Calgary.

What is a fun fact people wouldn't know about you?

I’m a sports fanatic. I know it seems a little strange for a jazz singer, but I really do love sports. I follow basketball, baseball, and hockey, and also watch the playoffs for football. GO FLAMES GO!

What do you tell your friends and family from other cities about life in Calgary?

I tell my friends and family from other cities to come visit me so I can show them all of the great things this city has to offer! Sometimes people seem wary of the weather here, but Calgary is actually the sunniest city in Canada according to statistics. Even if it’s snowy, you still get that beautiful bright sun. There’s nothing quite like it.

What do you think is the biggest surprise about Calgary for anyone who isn't familiar with the city? 

I think one of the biggest surprises is how vibrant the food culture is here. We have some world-class restaurants and chefs here - we’re very lucky that way.

How has the city influenced who you are?

Between corporate events, concerts, touring and teaching, I can be a full-time musician and that’s something that can be very difficult to achieve in other cities. Calgary also has grants for artists (through Calgary Arts Development) which makes it that much more possible to be an artist in this city.


**All photos were taken by @ellendoty during her take-over of @lifeincalgary.
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I can be a full-time musician in Calgary and that’s something that can be very difficult to achieve in other cities.

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