Calgarian-born freelance life and style journalist, Ella Clarens, has a passion for sharing stories. Since 2010, she has been uncovering local talent and helping to boost their work. Clarens has covered Fashion Week in Toronto, as well as New York, and she has interviewed influencers such as Derrick Rutledge, Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, and Lubov Azria, Chief Creative Officer for BCBGMAXAZRIA Group.

1. What do you tell your friends and family from other cities about life in Calgary?
The talent here blows me away. Plus, it is such a beautiful city!
2. Any tips or advice for Calgary newcomers or those considering a move to Calgary?
Be sure to connect with your communities of interest as they will keep you in the loop about what is going on in the city and help you to feel supported. Or feel free to call me! 
3. How has the city influenced who you are?
I learned how to put myself out there in this city which allowed me to experience Calgary in a fun and interesting way. This city has a lot to offer and I am always excited to share with others.
4. Where is your favorite place to eat or visit in Calgary?
Walking by the Bow River while enjoying rolled ice cream from Sweet Tooth. Great way to recharge! 
5. What is a fun fact people wouldn’t know about you?
I cook some of the best Jamaican yams.

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With a prominent arts scene and loads of talent, Calgary is a city to watch

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