Insight from a global entrepreneur

Originally, Will Fowler was born and raised in High River, Alberta where, in 2005, he decided to move to Calgary for purposes of attending school at SAIT Polytechnic. Will has since become a Student Entrepreneur with the ownership of his own business, Incite Social Promotion, and was recently recognized in the Global Student Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapter on November 21, 2014 for this spectacular achievement. Having lived in Calgary for nearly ten years now, Will shares personal insight on what he’s learned about Calgary’s culture.

First impressions go a long way and for Will, Calgary’s culture instantly stood out as a diverse place where everyone is welcome. As a young entrepreneur, he stresses upon the abundance of opportunities available in Calgary where you are free to be part of the entrepreneurial energy in any way, shape or form. The city has so much to offer when it comes to attractions to visit; therefore, it is no surprise that when asked to narrow down one favourite place, he had to decide on a three-way-tie between: Baker Park, Kensington, and Loco Lous. When Will’s not visiting these areas, he’s most likely found with his hands full in programming and/or dominating video games.

Q&A Session

What do you tell people in other cities about Calgary?

I tell them about the proximity to the mountains and the jobs available.

How do you spend your weekends and days off?

I love to go disc golfing at Baker Park during the summers, or to go skiing at Fernie or Whitefish. I also play hockey all around the city.

The abundance of opportunities available, where you are free to be part of the entrepreneurial energy in any way, shape or form. 

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