Insider's tip: participate in charities

Rudi Schiebel started his Calgary adventure in May 2012 after living in Edmonton, Alberta; Rochester, Minnesota; and Chase, British Columbia. His sole purpose for moving here was to attend the Business program offered at Mount Royal University and has since became a young entrepreneur with the founding of his own business, Turtle Valley Bison Ranch Ltd. Because of this great achievement, he was recognized at the Global Student Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapter on November 21, 2014.

Participating in the charitable efforts of the Calgary community is Rudi’s biggest insider tip for newcomers to Calgary, as he states, “A big part of Calgary is that it isn’t segregated – everyone is a Calgarian first”. Something Rudi wishes he knew more about when arriving to Calgary is the abundance of networking events available around the city. The nature of the city’s entrepreneurial energy is one of Rudi’s favourite things about Calgary, along with the small town feel of such a large city.

Q&A Session

What surprised you about Calgary’s culture?

The diversity and acceptance of new things.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Calgary?

I would say the Belmont Diner in Marda Loop. They have the best breakfast in Calgary.



A big part of Calgary is that it isn't segregated - everyone is a Calgarian first.

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