Five foods trends for 2018

Author: Kristin Papillon

Just as the end of a holiday feast leaves your palate, a groundswell of food trends are waiting to pull your taste buds into the New Year. Here are five 2018 foodie trends and where to try them in Calgary.

European-style wine bars
Grabbing a glass of vino before or after a meal is the European way - no need to linger for hours over that glass of Chardonnay. Opened at the end of 2017, Bar Annabelle (located on Stephen Avenue) has 22 seats. The perfect spot to try a new wine, fine Japanese whisky or bar snack and get on your way.

Fermented foods
Known for their health benefits (probiotics and enzymes, oh my!), fermented foods like Kombucha tea, miso and even pickles are finding favour on menus. Check out Two Penny Chinese and the accompanying Teahouse (in the Beltine).

Floral favourites
Lovely to look at AND taste, florals are being incorporated on menus from breakfast dinner. Curious how lavender and chicken pair? Head to the newly opened Elwood & the Rabbit (in Bridgeland) for the Aged Crown of Chicken.

Plant-forward eating
Eat food, mostly plants is something Michael Pollan fans have been reciting for years. Plants (aka vegetables) will continue to shine in 2018 and they are the star at Seed N Salt (in Mission).

House-made condiments
The sauce paired with some of our favourites plates is in the spotlight this year. Get your lunch-on at Meat & Bread (in the historic Grain Exchange Building) for some corned beef with sambal gerkin mayo.

Try these food trends at Calgary’s newest spots

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