Fashion designer opts for Calgary energy

Paul Hardy, a self-employed Canadian designer, began his venture to Calgary in 1998 after receiving the opportunity to develop Holt Renfrew’s business and personal shopping suites. With previous experience living in large metropolitan cities such as Toronto, New York and England, the people energy of Calgary was enough to bring him back to start-up his own fashion line, Paul Hardy Design.

Paul currently resides in Kensington, one of Calgary’s trendiest and most walkable communities, and his studio is located in the heart of Inglewood, one of Calgary's oldest, vibrant and ever-evolving arts communities. With easy access to the Bow River, Paul finds himself taking his dogs for a stroll along the river during his free time. As an avid fan of the many mouth-watering eateries around the city, he often spends his weekends indulging with friends over meals.

Do you have any tips for building your Calgary community?

Attend events that raise funds and awareness for important causes and projects.

What surprised you the most about the city?

The evolution of the culinary scene.

What do you tell people in other cities about Calgary?

It’s clean, close to the mountains & the people are friendly with a laid back lifestyle.

What surprised you about Calgary’s culture?

People are nesters… They do a lot of entertaining in their homes.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Calgary?

Boxwood Café.

Attend events that raise funds and awareness for important causes and projects.

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