Calgary Neighbour Day

Author: Madison Baron

What began as a celebration of Calgarian resiliency after the 2013 flood, has grown into an annual event with festivities all over the city in celebration of bringing people and the community together.

Held each year on the third Saturday in June, Calgarians are invited to get out and connect with their community. Some communities celebrate with a pancake breakfast (Deer Run), live music (Winston Heights), a trash pick-up jog (Arbour Lake), a parade of garage sales (Millrise) or an outdoor movie screening (Beltline). Neighbour Day offers every community a chance to showcase its diversity and togetherness.

Community spirit has always been a staple of this city, but Neighbour Day offers a great way for neighbours to connect and build an important bond that lasts throughout the year. Many create friendships that turn into monthly board game nights or just a friendly conversation as they pass by on their way home.

Multiple communities also use Neighbour Day as a way to work together on a project that benefits the entire community, but Neighbour Day festivities also bring the competitive spirit out. Competing on everything from chalk drawing to LEGO building, there are often challenges and door prizes for Calgarians young and old.

If anything, Neighbour Day is an opportunity for Calgarians to learn something new. Many communities host free exercise classes, gardening workshops or cultural celebrations that welcome participation.  

Team work makes the dream work as communities band together to make our city great. Happy Neighbour Day!

Neighbour Day is a celebration of community spirit in Calgary.

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