"Calgary Just Felt Like Home"

Name: Andrew Morgan

Title: Senior Designer

Company: Evans Hunt Group

Previous home: United Kingdom

Just over a year ago, Andrew Morgan came to Calgary from a village called West Kington, just outside of Bath in the United Kingdom. West Kington is a pretty farming community where the 80s band Men Without Hats filmed the video for their hit-single Safety Dance.

Q&A Session

What made you decide to move to Calgary?
I visited Calgary while on my Honeymoon around Stampede time. We rented a Mustang, watched bulls toss cowboys around, and drove up to Moraine Lake near Lake Louise. We instantly fell in love with Alberta, and Calgary just felt like home. Then, on a subsequent trip, I was offered a contract with a Calgary design agency.

How are the career opportunities in your field different in Calgary?
The high level of website design in Calgary is similar to the UK. The big difference is the culture. I was blown away when our whole company went for a ski day. Companies in Calgary are much more interested in who you are as a person, and if you are a cultural fit, as opposed to just your work experience.

What do you do for fun in Calgary?
I go to Marda Loop. Everything is there: you can sit on a patio in the summer, and it’s close to a big off-leash park and the river. After work on Fridays, the Beltline area bars and restaurants are really fun too. Calgary’s a vibrant city with so much going on.

What is Calgary’s Best Kept Secret?
It’s hard to pick just one thing. Mikey’s Juke Joint in the Beltline looks a little rough around the edges but it has a great atmosphere. The food is from all over the map, and it’s always good.

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