Big City with a Small Town Feel

Christian Wulff, currently a General Manager of YMCA Calgary, began his experience as a Calgarian nine years ago after living abroad in Australia, England, Wales and Ireland. With Christian’s Australian roots, Calgary’s small town feel was refreshingly similar to the energy he experienced at home in Sydney. He describes the people energy in Calgary as “easy-going and relaxed”, where it is easy to meet new people with common interests. Playing squash, running, swimming and participating in an active lifestyle is how Christian enjoys spending his free time, as well as exploring newly-developed urban areas with his family.

Christian notes the fun and contagious energy he’s experienced around Calgary, where on any given day office wear suddenly turns into costume attire. Dressing in costumes on Halloween or Western wear during the first 10 days of July to celebrate the annual Calgary Stampede is where these events likely occur. He stated he has never dressed in costumes so much in his life before moving to Calgary; a creative aspect of Calgary’s business culture. Living in West Hillhurst, a community located in the Northwest part of the city, Christian enjoys how park life enriches his community.

Q&A Session

Do you have any tips for building your Calgary community?

I am quite lucky that I work in an organization that focuses on creating relationships. A lot of my friendships have come through people I have met through work and have the same values as I do. I think being connected to something (everyone’s different) gives you a good sense of community. The first step is finding the likeminded people to connect with.

What's your favourite thing about Calgary?

Honestly, the thing I like most about Calgary is how the city comes alive for events. Events are never hidden or compete against each other. It’s more like the whole city embraces events and it’s hard for that energy not to be infectious.

What surprised you the most about the city?

How the city has a small town feel. I am from Sydney where you can’t walk around and just bump into people you know. Where Calgary has everything you need from a city, it also provides the opportunity to run into an old acquaintance while you’re out shopping.

Where do you take friends and family when they visit?

Head to the mountains. It is hard not to be impressed with Banff or Canmore even after you have seen them a hundred times.





The whole city embraces events and it's hard for that energy not to be infectious.

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