5 clothing brands that started in Calgary

Author: Kayla Pearcey

Did you know these notable clothing brands, that you may even currently be wearing, were brought to life in Calgary?

Calgarians are known for their entrepreneurial energy, so there's always something new to be excited about in this vibrant city. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or the unveiling of a whole new venture, you better believe it happens right here. Calgary is home to the most small businesses in Canada which means the opportunities for entrepreneurs are endless – even in the creation of clothing brands! Here are five Calgary brands to watch for:

1. CAMP Brand Goods

One may say that, “If it’s not comfortable, it’s not Camp.” With a mission to create high quality fleece and casual wear that reflects an outdoorsy lifestyle, this local product will no doubt keep you warm on your everyday outdoor Canadian adventures.

2. Seed

Seed makes and sells handcrafted natural yoga clothing so you can feel more in what you wear.In sourcing the best fabrics on the planet for ecology and comfort, a bamboo, hemp and merino wool combination results in product brilliance while remaining true to the Earth.

3. Paul Hardy

World-known fashion designer and Calgary resident, Paul Hardy, made his debut in 2002 and has been a fashion sensation since. With cutting-edge designs, Paul Hardy collections are sure to have you standing out from the crowd.

4. Local Laundry

Founded in Calgary in 2015, Local Laundry is committed to building community through their streetwear and lifestyle brand. All clothing items are produced in Canada, giving them an authentic look, feel, and sense of Canadian pride.

5. Mark’s Work Warehouse

As a top casual apparel and footwear retailer for men, Mark’s Work Warehouse has no-doubt made its presence known in the Canadian market. With a specific focus on providing apparel necessary for the job of a Canadian, selections include outerwear, denim, industrial, casual wear and more.

...and no, they're not cowboy shirts!

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