Child Care/Preschools


Choosing child care is an important decision: you’re looking for a safe, healthy environment that supports your child’s needs. In Alberta, the government’s Children and Youth Services department sets the standards for child care. It defines the different options available as follows:

  • Day care programs serve infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children (two and a half to six years of age).
  • Family day homes offer care in a private residence. There are typically six or less children with one caregiver.
  • Group family child care programs offer care in a private residence. There are typically between seven and 10 children with two caregivers.
  • Out-of-school care programs operate before and after school, during lunch hours and sometimes when schools are closed.
  • Pre-schools offer child care for four or less hours a day.


Children and Youth Services also offers subsidies to help lower income parents cover the costs of child care. The subsidies are available for eligible low- and middle-income parents who wish to use a licensed pre-school or child care facility.

To find Calgary day cares, pre-schools, family day homes, out of school care or group family child care, the government has a great child care search tool.

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