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Whether you are a new graduate, a professional at the top of your career, or someone looking for a career change, Calgary is a city with tremendous opportunities.

Browse our lists of Calgary companies including Calgary head offices, top Calgary employers, as well as company lists by industry, or jump straight to our job fairs and start your Calgary career search.




If you are looking for a job in Calgary, be prepared with the following resources:

Job Listing Tools

Browse jobs listed by Calgary's premier employers with the career search tool.

There are also job search engines that scour thousands of jobs sites and companies for results:

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Your Business


Many Calgarians choose to work for themselves, stepping out into the marketplace on their own. 

Calgary has the second highest self-employment per capita of major Canadian cities. To learn more about the startup community, check out Startup Calgary.


Moving Your Business

If you are thinking about moving your business to Calgary, investing in a new start up, be prepared with the following resources:

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Career Planning


Career Planning Resources:

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