Employment in Calgary


Calgary’s economy is becoming increasingly diversified and the city’s workforce is spread across a wide range of industries. You couldn’t always have said that.

While the energy sector is the leading individual driver of Calgary’s economy, an increasingly broad and balanced range of sectors and jobs are adding to the city’s prosperity. The professional services, technical, manufacturing, transportation, financial and construction sectors that took root here to support and service the oil and gas companies have all become their own viable industries. For more information view Alberta Labour Market Information.

As many current Calgarians can attest, it’s an exciting time to be working here.

Header Photo: Creative Commons Calgary Tram by Tony Hisgett. Used under CC from Flickr.
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Key Industries


While undoubtedly the energy capital of Canada, Calgary is also a city with a diverse roster of well-established and flourishing industries. 

The city has the highest concentration of head offices in the country and a successful reputation bolstered by a legion of skilled workers. 


Learn about Calgary’s key industries by following the relevant links below:

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Salaries & Wages


When comparing salaries and wages per employee in Canada’s six largest cities, Calgarians had:

  • Consistently, the highest salaries and wages per employee for the past 13 years - $67,259 in 2013
  • The second highest average annual growth in salaries (4.8 per cent) between 2004 and 2013
  • The second highest total growth in wages and salaries growth between 2004 and 2013 at 47.3 per cent

Average hourly pay rates are also generally higher in Calgary than in the rest of Canada.

Salary & Wage Tools

To see how much you might get paid in Calgary in your line of work, please use these salary and wage tools: Salary Expert, Monster Salary Calculator, Workopolis Salary Calculator, WAGEinfo – Alberta Learning Information Service and minimum wage fact sheet.

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What certification and registration requirements do you need to have before you can work in Calgary?

Each province and territory in Canada has different legislation and regulation depending on your industry and occupation.

For details on what you would need to work in Calgary in your field, please visit the Alberta Learning and Information Service’s CERTinfo website.

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